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Featured Projects

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Pernicious Dances (2022)

For Orchestra


Pernicious Dances tells a story that seems innocent at first but quickly reveals a darker side. The introduction presents an ominous, yet calm atmosphere. As the piece progresses, the piece's true colors show, and the tone becomes decidedly more and more evil until the piece's brutal finale.

(Recorded by the Toledo Symphony Orchestra at Bowling Green State University on March 15, 2022. Recording is from a TSO reading session, not a fully rehearsed performance)

Moonrat (2021)

For Mixed Quartet


Moonrat is a virtuosic and high-energy piece for flute, alto saxophone, percussion, and piano.

(Premiered at Bowling Green State University on October 12, 2021)

Homecoming (2021)

Fixed Media


Home can mean a few things. It can mean a literal place of residence, but it also implies a place where you feel supported or at a state of peace (which does not need to be connected to a physical place). Over the course of most people’s lives both the physical and mental/emotional representations of home are challenged. Thus, Homecoming is the acceptance of a place as being “home” or a return to mental stability after the initial shock and mental unrest that comes from moving to an unfamiliar place.

(Premiered at the SEAMUS National Conference at Western Michigan University on April 2, 2022)

Hatred (2021)

For Mezzo-Soprano and Double Bass

Hatred is based on Gwendolyn Bennett’s poem of the same name. Hatred can take many forms, from intense rage to subdued anger boiling beneath the surface. The music takes
on these different representations of this feeling throughout the piece, progressing through the narrative of the text as the writer comes to terms with their emotions.

(Premiered at Bowling Green State University on November 4, 2021)

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